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Free Social Assessment
Rank Your Business

Rank Your Business

Which category best describes your business...
“Socially Awkward”
Late adopters, little to no digital footprint, web only

“Socially Stale”
At least one social channel turned on, but lost focus

“Socially One-Dimensional”
OK at some facet of social, major gaps in consistency

“Socially Savvy”
Believes in the “shift”, committed internal resources

“Socially Zen”
Ahead of curve, social budgets, optimized, strategic

Your Social Footprint

Your Social Footprint

What online tools do you currently deploy...
Website Yes No
LinkedIn Yes No
Google+ Yes No
Pinterest Yes No
You Tube Yes No
Mobile Site Yes No
Email Strategy
SEO Strategy Yes No
Other Yes No

Your Contact Info

Your Contact Info

Information only used to contact you...
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