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Raise your SEO through blogging

Raising your SEO results through a blogging campaign is an oft-used method to improve the visibility of your business profile on the Internet, but there’s a downside. It takes a lot of time and an ongoing commitment to churn out timely, compelling content.9131209_M

The solution: Scale the task down to size. You don’t need to craft an award-winning blog that runs 600 words long to reach your SEO goal. Think pithy and persuasive.

Take a look at these fresh ideas that are easy to implement.

  1. Tap an employee to write one blog a month. You may have a talented writer on your staff that can whip up a 200-word blog in under an hour. Most college grads have taken enough writing courses to produce a cogent report. You don’t have to write like Ernest Hemingway. Just craft a quick three-point outline and approach the topic in a conversational manner.
  2. Use a visual blog. This method makes blogging an easy task indeed! Gather up five photos about your business, or your employees. If none are handy ask permission to snap a few photos.
  3. Whip up a summary of recent developments in your industry. If you’re immersed in a particular industry sector, it’s not hard to pen a few paragraphs about your take on what is happening in your business.


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