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Shrink that SEO task down to size

It’s a mighty big world out there in SEO land. Indexed web pages now tally over two billion. Just to put that into perspective, try imagining yourself smack in the middle of China, hands in pockets, dressed like Waldo. Remember how hard it was to find that funny guy wearing the red hat in those Waldo storybooks and puzzles?

Magnified illustration with the words SEO on white background.That’s what the challenge is like for your customers when they open that Google input field on their computers and laptops. So how do you help your customers find you in a sea of other merchants? Maybe it’s time to sharpen the focus on your image!

Bring an SEO consultant in to institute the best practices. Ensuring those page titles and keywords are input correctly by the person who provides SEO services. That is what lays the foundation for effective SEO.

The little details really do matter, like accurate meta-descriptions. That task is all the more important since some estimate Google updates its search algorithm more than once each day!

Always remember to incorporate social media. Those Twitter and Facebook icons are easy to install, and the payback for doing so is a more powerful marketing presence. Make it very easy for your customer to ‘like’ you. A good SEO programmer will put some thoughtful design into how best to position those icons on your website.

Include the big social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But also include those niche-type channels that may be more pertinent to your business. For example, if you are a business consultant, make sure your website has a LinkedIn icon in prominent places on the website.  If you create artful videos for your clients, make sure Vimeo icons are strategically placed.

Even if you don’t think you have time to post a blog every week on your website, think in terms of shorter blogs. The average blog has shrunk in word count over time, as attention spans have also declined. Don’t craft a 1,000-word blog just because you think it will up the effectiveness of your SEO. Take that same amount of time and write a blog that is 200 words, but pack it with insightful gems!

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